The longest beach in Greece (28 km), is right next to you,
clean and impressive



imag2PREVEZA (12km)
A picturesque town beautifully embraced by the Ionian Sea
and Amvrakikos



imag3NIKOPOLIS (5 km)
Built by Octavius after his victory against Antonios
and Cleopatra in Aktio
Lots of exhibits concerning the existence of the ancient town



imag4ACHERON (40 km)
The wild beauty chosen by the Ancient Greeks
to serve as the entrance to the world of the dead

Unique in the world


imag5ZALOGGO (15 km)
Dedicated to the liberty and independence of the Greek people




imag6AMVRAKIKOS (5km)
A unique ecosystem providing shelter to thousands
of wild bird species



imag7LEFKAS (30 km)
A most beautiful island

SKORPIOS (40 km)
The private resort of the master of the seas Aristotle Onasis


imag8PARGA (50 km)
A picturesque port of rare beauty




The resort of the empress Sissy




A city with a unique character. One of the most impressive
Ancient Greek theatres (Dodoni). The island of Ali-Pasas.



History and myth